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Activities & Athletics Office


Athletic Director

Vince Williams 


School Accounting Technician

Daneille Klein


Fall Sports                                                                                         Winter Sports                                                                                Spring Sports

Football  2021 Schedule                                                                 Boys Basketball 2022 Schedule                                                2021 Baseball Schedule

 Volleyball 2021 Schedule                                                              Girls’ Basketball   2021 Schedule                                               Softball 2021 Schedule

Girls’ Tennis 2021 Schedule                                                          Boys’ Soccer 2021 Schedule                                                       Boys' Tennis 2021 Schedule

Cross Country 2021 Schedule                                                    Girls’ Soccer  2021 Schedule                                                      Golf 2021 Schedule

 Cheer                                                                                                         Wrestling                                                                                      Track and Field 2021 Schedule


Click on the linked sports above to view the 2021-2022 sports schedules


Guidelines for Eligibility for Extra-curricular Activities


  1. BHS Athletic Participation Packet


The following must be on file in the Athletic Office prior to an athlete’s participation in a try-out, practice or competition.

  1. A current physical form. Physicals are valid for one school year.
  2. An athletic information and emergency medical authorization form.
  3. Athlete participation agreement form.
  4. Signed CIF athletic code of conduct by both parents and athletes.


  1. Academic Eligibility

To be eligible to participate, a student/athlete must have a grade point average (GPA) no less than a 2.0 GPA. The GPA used to determine eligibility for extra-curricular activities shall be based on grades of the last previous grading period.


  1. Athlete School Attendance

When a student/athlete is absent from school for more than 3 periods on the day of an event, he/she may not be allowed to participate in any extracurricular sport/school activity for the day. A pre-approved absence by the school is an exception i.e. class field trip. It remains the responsibility of the individual student/athlete to present written evidence of mitigating circumstances which justify an exception as to the student/athlete’s attendance. Any student/athlete participating in an event when not in attendance for classes that day may be prohibited from participation in the next scheduled event. Unexcused tardiness may also exclude the student athlete from participating in any extracurricular events.


  1. Behavior Modification Center (BMC)

Any student/athlete assigned BMC for any period of time may not be eligible to participate in extra-curricular activities for the day of the assigned BMC. If the student/athlete does participate they will be excluded from their next extra-curricular game or event.


  1.  Travel

All student/athletes must travel to and from athletic contests and practices in transportation provided by the school.  Student/athletes are not permitted to drive themselves to athletic contests. Parents/guardians may drive their student/athlete home at the completion of an athletic contest only with advance written notice and approval of school administration.

Athletic Letters & Pins


When a student has completed a sport season and has maintained good athletic and academic standing they may obtain their Athletic letter. Receiving an Athletic Letter is a major accomplishment in the world of athletics. It is evidence that you have excelled not only on the playing field, court or track, but also in the classroom.  Chenille Letters are available for all levels, Freshmen, Junior Varsity and Varsity. If a student has purchased an ASB Card ($30.00) they can receive their Athletic Letter and pins for the corresponding school year at no additional charge. If student has not purchased an ASB Card the cost of Athletic Letters are $10.00 and pins are $2.00. They can be ordered in the Activities Office with Ms. Klein.




Athletic Participation Packet

CLICK HERE to download the Athletic Participation Packet